Head-to-Head Matches

Just like online, Head-to-Head matches are single games where you are matched with an opponent. We recommend head-to-head matches for customers who cannot attend our tournaments or want to put their skills to the test before committing to a tournament.

Here’s How it Works

Matches are offered on Wednesdays-Fridays at all times and Sundays and Saturdays as TV stations become available after tournaments.

  1. Once you arrive, you will select which cash prize amount you are playing for (pricing menu below).
  2. You will be matched with an opponent on the system and game of your choice.
  3. You and your opponent must agree on the game rules and set-up prior to starting the game. You do NOT have to follow the TG Tournament Rules in head-to-head matchups, however a TG representative will always be available to monitor games.
  4. Finish the game
  5. The Winner collects their cash prize directly from a TG representative.

Why play head-to-head at True Gaming when I can just play online?

  • No Lagging – Playing online means you are at the mercy of your internet connection and your opponent’s which can be glitchy and unpredictable. In-person matchups guarantee a seamless and smooth gameplay experience
  • Instant Cash– Unline online gaming where you have to wait days to receive your hard earned cash, True Gaming pays out cash prizes instantly. No wait! No hassle!
  • Competitive Atmosphere– Nothing compares to a live gaming atmosphere. Playing at home can be distracting and boring! Come join other gamers just like you to have fun and challenge each other.
  • Safe/Secure– At True Gaming, all transactions are safe and secure. No cash is exchanged between players. Prizes are always distributed directly from a TG representative.


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