Madden Tournaments

Grand Prize:


Tournament Rules

  • Anyone can participate! There is no minimum age or skill level (minors must be accompanied by an adult).
  • We will do our best to match up players with the same preferred system (PS4 or Xbox One), but it is NOT guaranteed. In the event players cannot agree on the system, a coin-toss will determine which system will be used.
  • All games will be played on 4-minute quarters, with the exception of the championship game. Championship game will be 5-minute quarters.
  • Must play on Expert Skill level.
  • Must play in Competitive Game Mode.
  • Each player will have the opportunity to rebuy after one loss.
  • Players can choose any NFL team and can switch between rounds.
  • No holding A-button on field goals and allowing time to expire.
  • No excessive running of the same play within a game.
  • No nano-blitzing.
  • No onside kicks unless losing by more than one touchdown in the last quarter.
  • If game reaches score of 21-0, the losing opponent has one more survivor drive to score. If the losing opponent is unable to score, the game is over (excludes Championship game).
  • Friendly trash talking is allowed and encouraged!!
  • Players will receive one warning for first rule violation. Second violation will be an automatic disqualification.

What to Bring

B.Y.O.C – Bring your own controller for your preferred system (Xbox or PS4). Controllers will be available to rent for a charge.

We also suggest bringing headphones and extra cash for head-to-head matches.

Tournament Style

Tournaments are single elimination with a loser bracket. If a player loses once, they have the opportunity to rebuy into the loser bracket. The loser bracket will consist of all players who rebuy and will also be single elimination. Winner of the loser bracket plays the winner of the winning bracket.


Rebuys will be offered to losing players for $30. If a player chooses to rebuy, they must do so immediately after they lose. Please notify a True Gaming representative.

Length of the Tournament

Tournaments starts at 1pm and usually last 2-3 hours but can vary greatly depending on the number of players.

Payout Guarantee

People always ask, do we REALLY pay out $1,000 to the winners? The proof is in the pudding…

Ask our champs Ian, Ty, and Jay.

Meet the champs!

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